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William and Mathilda SHINAULTMy 3rd Grandfather, William G. SHINAULT (b. 1857) moved to New York City with his Wife, Mathilda and Mother-in-Law, her last name CHRISTIAN. Also moving to New York with the family, someone with the last name of GAMBLE and a son William C. SHINAULT born 1881.

In June1884, their second son Robert H. SHINAULT was born in New York. Followed by Rosie H. SHINAULT (1885),  Edgar B. SHINAULT (Sept 1886), Charles SHINAULT (1888), Mary E. SHINAULT (1891), my Grandmother’s Mother.

Mary had 3 daughters and each of the daughters had one son each. Elizabeth SAUNDERS was my Grandmother, who graduated from the Pratt Institute as a dress designer.

My Dad, Reginald ALLEN was her son born also in NY, as I was born there as well in 1957. So, I follow in the house of Mary, from the SHINAULT Clan.

Family Lore says that William G. SHINAULT came from France via Canada. That is not true, a couple of generations proceed him in the States. Thus, I want to find out if William G. SHINAULT is related to the Huganot from France, Etienne CHENEAU, who came to Virginia via a ship the Nassau, departing from England in the 1700’s.

DNA testing is in order for me soon to find out and match up with others who claim heritage to him.

After Mary, my Grandmother’s Mother on my Paternal side in the birth order is, Chester A. SHINAULT (1893), followed by Frances L. SHINAULT (1897) and lastly Edith L. SHINAULT (June 1898). Nicholas GARCIA was her spouse.

My cousin Ken who lives in San Diego is related to the house of Edith. He and I share Ancestry information quite regularly. I met him late in life while on my journey to find my family on my Dad’s side.

My Mother’s side are WILLIAMS, WALKER, and JACOWAYS.

Our journey begins…